Saturday, June 26, 2010

Kukubesi X Chot Touch-Haluan Kiri perang poster royale 2!

my 2nd submission for the HK- Kukubesi X Chot Touch poster royale,inspire from Mike Giant tattoo sharpie stroke and sum tamil film poster :D...

remember do vote for me as hell if ya goin to the event..again its 4th july 2010, 12pm to 8pm, Wisma Bentley, Mutiara come early :D

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A boring day - The Dead Heroes

it was so boring, that i end up drawing this piece just for fun...2 version color i like both

Wild Dogs Brigade logo Tee

I did this logo/Tee probono, since i fond into fixie community and love riding bikes, thanks to Mr Eizzat the members of WilddogsBrigade for the credits check em out

Kukubesi X Chot Touch-Haluan Kiri perang poster royale!

my submission for Kukubesi X Chot Touch-Haluan Kiri perang poster, they will do a ballot to choose the wining poster, the event is on 4th july 2010 2pm to 8pm venue Wisma Bentley at Mutiara Damansara apposite IKEA, sadly i cant be there have to got to perlis for some event setup :( but do vote for me if ya there :)

KRU Road Tour proposed design

proposed design for KRU Road Tour such as logo, bunting and crew tee's

DGS logo batch!

I did a logo batch for DGS, for profile logo, portfolio and copyrights..i dig this logo soo much :)

DGS namecard?

2 illo that i did for DGS name card design, still haven't decide which to choose, i like both, its cool :D

1 : Malaysian Creative Young Designers Collaboration & Exhibition.

i submit this 2 artwork for the exhibition at Putrajaya International Convention Centre, and my artwork is been choosen

Animal Instinct series

new work called Animal Instinct, its a wildlife preservation visual to encourage all people to acknowledge the beauty of the animal :)